bloggers mean business: a little q & a with our curators of cool!

May 10, 2011


so cannes is steadily approaching, wait a minute, oh damn… it’s tomorrow! yes please, the team heads off today riding on a jet-plane and heading straight for the temporary capital of the entertainment world: cannes!

if you have not picked up on, or have been following the previous posts (which means you are a bad person and should be ashamed of yourselves), then i will update you through a haiku:
we will go to,
a faraway place called,
cannes is awesome.
the one thing about poetic license is that no matter how terrible you are at things like this, you can still give it a go! so if you haven’t got it – do you now?
one more time: cannes, glaceau vitaminwater, bloggers, celebrities, films, updates, real-time, yes please!
now the celeb (pronounced ‘sea-lab’) bloggers that we are taking all the way to the capital are two amazing individuals also known as: toolz and melody maker! we thought it would be a great idea to give you a little run down of these two before their ambassadorship is in full swing.
armed with an internet connection, fast whit and heavy v.i.p status these are the peeps that will bring the amazingness that is cannes home to you:
the bloggers (cue the music)
melody maker

melody is a busy little bee! with over 7 years experience in this crazy world of media, an avid social mediadite and a heavy weight blog that focuses on all things great, melody (or mel to her friends) was a natural choice for glaceau vitaminwater!

what are you most looking forward to in Cannes?
think its going to be an overload for the senses, so just soaking it all up. not only do i get to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but iget to enjoy it with some of the most beautiful and talented people in the entertainment industry, what’s not to look forward to.
where do you plan to spend most of your time there?
well it seems that our itineraries are pretty tight, so it seems most of my time will be spent clutching a glass of champagne in one hand and my iphone in the other :) iam however going to make a plan to go to la croisette: its the upmarket shopping street in cannes and ill definitely make a plan to go to the beach as well.
why do you think you were chosen to act as our eyes and ears in Cannes? 
good question, i keep hoping im not on some local version of punk’d ;) well, at the risk of sounding completely self involved, i think i have a pretty well rounded take on things – i love fashion, entertainment etc, i mean what’s not to love, but i am also digitally savvy & have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening – however i think the decision that swayed the powers that be must be my insane iphone photography skills, Im practically an instagram legend ;) and the fact that I can rock a pair of 9inch stiletto heels
when do we hear back from you about the trip
toolz (Thulani) and iwill constantly be updating about the trip so you can check us out on twitter and our blogs for updates, we are going to be some serious undercover 007-paparazzi folk, so expect some juicy details… ;)
how would you react if Brad Pitt dumped Angelina Jolie for you? 
Ha Ha iwould be convinced i was on an episode of punk’d then :) besides you never know it might just be angie who would take more of a liking to me according to her past…
thulane (a.k.a toolz)


toolz began his journey in the fashion industry, working hard as a salesman for a well sought-after lifestyle brand in sa. his diligence and fox cunning got him to the top of that game! through this his list of invaluable contacts has grown incrementally over the years and he has achieved such listings as one of gq’s best dressed for the past 3 years.

an active social community member, toolz is fast and furious, witty, charming and deadly with his tweets!
what item can you not afford to go without in cannes? 
well that’s easy, my gaceau vitaminwater. revive to be specific. it’s my go to flavour for hangovers!
were do you plan to hang out most? 
if i’m not catching a screening of the latest film, you’ll find me by the pool area, by the glaceau vitaminwater z plague or shopping the streets of cannes.
why is toolz going to cannes? 
well, why not? (laugh) my blog, like i was saying… is the authority on fashion, celebrities, music and everything hot and glamourous! 
when would be a good time to have a glaceau vitaminwater in cannes?
i guess, at the weinstein “swordsman” party, or at the calvin klein cocktail party, or poolside at the hotel martinez or sharing one with ryan gosling. 
how easy is it to be toolz?
if you have a black book like mine, enjoy the finer things in life, and everything you touch turns to popular…you are well on your way.
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